Generate Business Leads Through Your Websites

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and a renowned multi billionaire once said that if your business is not online, then you are out of business. I used to disagree with his statement, but as times goes by, I realized that his words is not untrue after all. I mean, social media plays a very important role in generating leads and generating more business for you. These days, it is easier to make business online rather than through the good old ways where you knock door to door to do business.

Generating leads for your business is quite easy if you know how. The easiest way to generate more leads in order to increase your business revenue is to build a user-friendly website with great tagline and make full use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Do not mistake these social media platforms as merely something that teenagers use to have fun and communicate with each other. These social media platforms, especially Facebook is a very  powerful tools you that you can use to broadcast and make known of your products and service that’s stated in your websites.

All you need to do is create a Facebook fan page for your company’s website and launch a ‘Like’ campaign. A ‘Like’ campaign is where you get as many users as possible to like your Facebook fan page. And through all these ‘likes’, the ‘likers’ are automatically subscribed to your newsletters and website’s updates.

Apart from making use of social media platforms like Facebook, you might also want to consider installing webtrackers to monitor your website visitors statistics. Counterjavascript  and  html counter is very helpful if you want monitor your daily visitors in the most convenient ways.

If you haven’t installed any website analytics application or software inside the dahsboard of your website yet, you might want to consider to do it soon. It’s proven to be helpful to monitor website’s activities along with generating more business leads.

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