Meet our Board of Directors

Sue Lehmann 
Cofounder and Board Chair
Cofounder and Chief Facilitator, Student Success Network

Gideon Stein 
Board Treasurer
Treasurer, the Moriah Fund

Jill Barkin
Director of Education, the Beacon Fund

Elizabeth Green
Co-Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Chalkbeat

Kang-Xing (KX) Jin
Vice President of Engineering, Facebook

Meet Chalkbeat’s reader advisors

In addition to our Board of Directors, Chalkbeat also has a dynamic and diverse reader advisory board that guides our coverage, holds us accountable for meeting our goals, and helps us build strong relationships in the communities we cover. If you’re interested in joining the board when the next opening becomes available, please contact us.

Current members:

Sanda Balaban, board chair

Bernita Bradley, Detroit

Sarah Carpenter, Tennessee

Bill de la Cruz, Colorado

Jessica Cuthbertson, Colorado

Nancy Hernandez, Colorado

Matthew Homrich-Knieling, Detroit

Allison M. Lee, Dallas

Johnnie Lattner, Newark

Cynthia Masson, New York

Catherine Miller, New York

Cesar Roman, Indiana

Janine Scott, Detroit

Jenae Scott-Robinson, Tennessee

Chris Rogers, Philadelphia

Benecia Tuthill, Tennessee

Plus, a special thanks to our founding members from Colorado and New York: Steve Lazar, Karen Mortimer, Andy Snyder, and Glennon Stratton.